Your Story Dies With You

Your Story Dies With You. It's rather self-explanitory, but anyway, the idea is that every person on this earth (that's right, every last one of us) has a story to tell, and it should be told before it's too late. For thousands of years, storytelling has been a central part of how humans have communicated--stories have been passed down through generations, sharing knowledge, family history, and the odd tale with a moral that was forgotten years ago. Everyone has a story to tell, and you should tell it, now while you have the chance, because your story dies with you.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


It was just called to my attention that one very awesome person took the time to not only read, but also review, one of my stories Buried Alive: the story of Octavia Hatcher on The reviewer says:

"This is a very short story, but a good one. It was short and to the point and well written. It's hard to say it's a good story (which it was in regards to the author) when it is a story of such a sad and horrible event. It's also hard to say I would recommend it because I know a few people who really could not read it because it would bother them too much. It should be considered a horror story based on a true event.

So with that said, if you can read about horrible events without it bothering you very much then I would recommend this short story because it is so well written you almost feel like you are going through the same events with Octavia and her husband James."

I'm thrilled to have such a postive and honest review of my work! Thank you to all who have taken the time to read my writing. And please leave a review if you like it. :-)

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